Nizar Juma

Nizar Juma - Nizar Juma, spent six years studying Economics, Law and Accountancy, at the University of Wales. In 1968, he embarked on a stellar career in manufacturing and development. To day, he is a leader in industrial and commercial business, principally within Africa and Canada.

As a Kenyan businessman, Nizar is probably best known for being the founder of the Company manufacturing the Adidas sports products which he exported to 49 Countries in Africa.

He was awarded the Silver Star by the President of Kenya for outstanding services to the country. He is the Vice-President for Africa for the World business Academy, based in San Francisco.

For the past 27 years, Nizar has also been actively involved in a voluntary capacity as Chairman of some of the Boards of The Aga Khan Development Network – in their Social Welfare activities, including not-for-profit hospitals; and in their development activities in Power generation, fiber optics cabling systems, agriculture, banking, leather processing, pharmaceuticals, insurance, food processing and property development.

Mr. Juma was the Chairman of the Aga Khan Health services for seven years. He is currently the East African regional Chairman for the IPS group of Companies. Since 2004, he is also the Group Chairman for the Jubilee Insurance Companies in this region.  He is also a member of the Board of the Diamond Trust bank since 1997. In total Nizar is Chairman of over 50 Companies in East and Central Africa including in Mauritius.

The Future of Power is the theme of a series of dialogues, which Nizar is hosting, and which are taking place across India and in other Countries including Australia,  to deepen understanding of the nature of power, and help restore awareness of the nation's spiritual heritage both within India and abroad.

Asian Foundation 23rd Anniversary Celebrations

Luncheon + Honours –  2 February, 2013

It was an honour for the Asian Foundation to have His Excellency Hon. Mwai  Kibaki,  C.G.H.,   President   and Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces of the Republic of Kenya as a Guest of Honour and to preside over our 23rd Anniversary Celebrations – Luncheon + Honours – on 2nd February 2013 at Loresho, in Nairobi.

It was indeed a prestigious and memorable afternoon where the Asian Foundation Honoured His Excellency, the President and five distinguished members of the Asian Community for their services to  the people of Kenya in various fields. The five Asian luminaries are:  Prof. Yash Pal Ghai (Constitutional Lawyer), Allaudin Qureshi (Cultural Ambassador), Zarina Patel (Human Rights Journalist), Dr. Rasik C. Kantaria (Entreprenuer & Philanthrophist) and Nizar Juma (Bridge Builder).  They were all awarded with a plaque of honour at the hands of the President – indeed a great honour and recognition.

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