Dr. Dadi Ratan Mohini

She is an exceptional role model of spiritual and value based living. Touched with the godly power & realization at a very young age, she had totally dedicated her entire life for an eternal noble cause. With unswerving love, compassion and determination she has been offering her untiring services for more than 77 years of her life.

Pioneered in conducting intense Meditation camps and deep Spiritual insight sessions, she brought light into the lives of thousands and thousands of people all over the globe.

Dadi Ratan Mohini is an eloquent speaker and can speak on any subject of spiritual interest. She has given various Radio Talks, Television talks, given interviews. She was felicitated by various Governmental and Non Governmental bodies for her selfless services.

B.K. Dadi Ratan Mohini was born on 25-03-1925 at Hyderabad Sindh, Dadi Came in contact with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (the university) at its very beginning in 1937, when she was barely twelve years old. Since childhood, she had an inclination for spirituality, thus dedicting her life to Godly service and taking a vow to observe celibacy throughout her life.

1950-After fourteen years of solitude and intense meditation, along with all other students of the University, came and settled in Mount Abu, india since then, the international Headquarters of the University has been located in Mount Abu. 1954 – Represented the University at the World Peace Conference in Japan. On her return traveled in Asia for nearly a year. Rendering her services to the people of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

1956 to 1969 – Served mainly in Bombay and traveled to different parts of India for spiritual services. Organized many seminars and conferences throughout the country whose aim was to spread the message of peace and goodwill to humanity.

1972 to 1974 – she Played a major role in the national Rally “Bharat Unity Yuva Pad YAtra” In which 650 participants from different parts of the country marched 12, 550 km. in 12 groups. The Project was launched by the president of India H.E. Gyani Zail Singh ji.

1989 – Organized 67 Matador Rallies with 778 Participants covered 1903 villages obtained pledge forms from 1,36,734 to eradicating drug abuse, blind faith, superstition, slavery to sense organs. 20, 85, 144 persons benefitted under the program of “ALL India Moral Awakening Campaign”.

1993-Leaded to success 25-30 Groups Cycle Rallies under theme of :Youth Cycle Rally for Harmony” An 9,66,508 persons had benefitted under the coverage of 3009 villages & cities from various parts of India. Traveled and gave lectures in Mauritius and south Africa.

1994 – Traveled and gave lectures in the Caribbean, United States, Canada.U.K. and Spain.

1995 – Played a major role at organize “ Youth Development campaign”

1998 – Traveled and inaugurated national conference and gave lectures through out Africa.

2000 – Traveled and enlightened with her lectures on Call of Time-Spiritual Empowerment in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

2001 – Traveled and conducted National Advance Meditation Retreats at Brazil, Atlanta (U.S.A), U.K.

2003 – Traveled and conducted an National Advance meditation Retreat in Moscow and St. Petersburg at Russia.

2005 – Dadi visited Japan (also Philippines and Hong Kong) on the memory of Golden Jubilee Year of WPC1954.

2006 – Under the guidelines of Dadi Ratan Mohini Ji succeeded the World Biggest youth Rally ‘Swarnim Bharat Yuva Padyatra’ Invited and honored by Mata Amritanandamayee (Hug saint) at her Ashram in Kerala. India.

2007 – Dada Ratan Mohini become the Joint Chief of Brahmakumaris. In this year Dadi was invited and honored by Sri Sri Narayani Amma, Sripuram Golden Temple, Vellore, And inaugurated several new building and blessed in Mega events at various parts of india (Hyderabad, Vizianagaram, Vishakhapatnam, Kakinada, Vijaywada, Chittoor, Banglore, Kolar Etc.)

2008 – Visited khatmandu, (Nepal), Imphat, Agarthala and Bangladesh as well as different parts of India to address in Mega events like Bhilwara, Neemuch.

2009 – Traveled Manchester, Leicester, Midlands, London, Worthing and Oxford in United Kingdom as well as New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Sancramento and San Francisco in United States of America to participate conferences, Meditation retreats and lectures on Finding Peace in Chaotic times, The Dance of Head and Heart etc……

2011 – She traveled in UA Emirates, to spread the Baba’s message. Also Traveled to various gathering in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to enlighten who was searching for Peace in chaotic times.

2014 – Reverend Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini ji, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris was awarded with Honorary Doctorate Degree in recognition of her contribution towards the spiritual, moral and social empowerment of youth and women in particular and society in general. The award was conferred upon her by Professor E.T Puttaiah, Vice Chancellor and by Professor Chandrakant Yatanoor, the Registrar of Gulbarga University On 20TH February, 2014 at the 32ND Convocation Ceremony of the University.

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